Design and Art - Joe Ginsberg @ SCOPE New York 2019 / by Joseph Ginsberg

The Directed Art Modern is participating in The 19th edition of SCOPE New York. Among the works to be shown, New York-based designer and artist Joe Ginsberg looks to the past in his work: "Pangea" a 10' x 16' Aubusson tapestry.

Joe Ginsberg contemporaryArtistNY - Scope 2019 -The Direct Art Modern Miami 012.jpg

The word Pangea, derived from Ancient Greek, simply translates to “all earth,” here Joe Ginsberg in his Pangea looks through the past centuries and lands on when the world, geographically, was united symbolizing a need for a coming together - a need for unity. This need is reinforced by the medium of tapestry in that the weaving, and stitching by nature is a fortification, and in this case - a fortification of humanity. Enhancing the desire for unified humanity is found in the color palette of the work, which in its elegance is the desire to not be distracted by that which differentiates - but more, what unites and what all humanity shares.

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