Custom Creation of Bar Lighting by Joseph Ginsberg

Joe Ginsberg is unique among designers offering the rare combination of artisan design aesthetic, craftsmanship, and the multi-disciplinary design-build skill which enables the firm to deliver handmade projects. Please visit our subdivision Master Architectural Fabrication.


We are NY Hospitality and residential Interior designers, serving the NYC Area, the Hamptons, Long Island and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Charming Interiors - Lighting for Residential and Hospitality Projects. by Joseph Ginsberg

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Lighting design in residential and hospitality interiors plays a enormous role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambiance of spaces.  Interior designers have different lighting resources that help create functional interiors that can adjust to those needs of our clients.

Interior designers utilize different types of lighting to create the correct amount of light. It is important to understand the use of each type of lighting source available and which particular need it will satisfy in a successful lighting plan. Joe Ginsberg Design is serving NYC for over 30 years.

The Evolution of the Hotel Front Desk - Innovative Design by Joseph Ginsberg

Specializing in boutique hospitality and luxury residences, Joe Ginsberg Design delivers an innovative, dynamic and sophisticated aesthetic with sharp attention to architectural elements. The firm has completed hospitality projects in and around the New York City area and beyond.


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Color Elements by Joseph Ginsberg

Because color affects people in very different ways, depending on gender, age, background, and climate, it is best to begin a project by asking clients some basic questions about the room we are creating for them. Here are a few;

What feeling do you want the color to evoke? What will the room be used for? Is the space private or public, and how much of the space will be used? Is the intent of the room for work or to relax? How much light and what kind of light will be used? Is there natural lighting available in the space, or are iridescent or ambient the only light sources? What kinds of accents will be used in the room? Will you use bold accents in the space, or patterns and textures?  Will you add an accent wall?


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Custom Watercolor Rugs for our Projects by Joseph Ginsberg

These rugs are made after original watercolors by Joe Ginsberg himself. Every Ginsberg interior receives some form of original art, be it in artworks, rugs or architectural elements. This includes all residential, hospitality and commercial design projects.


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The Art of Custom Made Architectural Elements by Joseph Ginsberg

Custom made architectural elements, tall or small, are the jewels of a project. Any well designed space needs a soul. Created not by machines but bare hands, tears and sweat.

-Joe Ginsberg-


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Residential Design with Bright Colors. by Joseph Ginsberg

Color is one of the most powerful and obvious elements of design we have at our disposal.


Residential design with bright colors. We love our unique clients that strive to have us create interiors that reflect who they are. I am enjoying this journey with you. #EveryclientIsUnique #InteriorDesignNY #NYRealEstate #LuxuryInteriors #DesignForYou |