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Interior Design Services in New York, NY & The Hamptons & Greenwich, CT | Joe Ginsberg Design

Master Architectural Fabrication Studio is a subdivision of Joe Ginsberg Design, a design-build firm that also specializes in custom fabrication, including all metals, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementitious material applications. Our company provides a wide range of services from architecture, interior design, construction, fabrication and all architectural details.

Serving residential, corporate, hospitality and retail. Joe Ginsberg is hands-on with all fabrication projects, and leads his experienced team on each project with artisan craftsmanship and design integrity, within budget requirements. Our commitment to outstanding service and architectural details can be found in our design, innovation, artisan-ship, engineering and material expertise.


Experience the joyous spirit of Tempo Luxury Home and our distinctive collections of custom bespoke pieces that beautifully accent any environment.Imagination paired with our unparalleled expertise in creating one-of –a-kind products in any hue, size or desired aesthetic is what sets us apart from other design studios. We never say no to the possibilities

The flirtatious collections range from design accessories and soft goods to hand-crafted lighting. In addition to our existing collections, we collaborate with clients to design custom pieces according to their project needs.



Joe Ginsberg started experimenting with materials, art mediums and nature herself, letting the hand free in expression, triggering his mind by tapping into a part of the unconscious that brings an element of surprise, activating the urge for further experimentation and innovation, while transcending the boundaries of artistic disciplines.  He began to expose his work to the natural elements: winds, tides, sun, earth and fluctuating temperatures, giving him the ability to produce the captivating quality he refers to as “the balance of nature’s patina”.