Tuscan influences prevail throughout this uptown residence with a refreshingly modern twist, including Venetian plaster, custom millwork, rich woods with amber highlights and warm lux textiles. This complete renovation included the installation ofa new kitchen, custom fabrications, a spa-like master bathroom and production of new walls and floors.

A main feature of the living room was the custom mural media bar with built-in shelving to house the client’s book collection. The bold graphic mural upholstered enclosure cleverly concealed a flat-screen TV and other audio/video systems, complimenting the strong and robust elements of other furnishings in the space.

“Our aim was to create something sophisticated yet relaxing, while offering our client a haven from the hectic pace of his professional life in the Financial District,” explained Joe Ginsberg.

The mural itself authentically represented the client, as Joe explained, “The print of the Cossacks on horseback is entitled, Blood In the Desert, symbolic of Wall Street”.

Ultimately, Joe Ginsberg was able to achieve both a stunning and functional space. The owner was pleased with all aspects of the renovation from the custom lighting to finishes and accessories chosen to complete the inviting interior.  The renovation ultimately increased the value of the apartment significantly. 


Joe Ginsberg, unique among the top design firms, offers the rare combination of high-end design aesthetic, intrigue, bespoke craftsmanship, and the multi-disciplinary skills that bring a vision to reality.  His unparalleled expertise with materials and fabrication comes from his fine arts background enabling him to achieve progressive results while respecting budget and time objectives. He understands that for residential designers, the challenge is to create the unexpected that invites instead of intimidates and to create the innovations of today that will become the classics of tomorrow.  



Our design team is comprised of interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields. Together they bring their different perspectives to every project. Joe Ginsberg offers full services for luxury home interiors, collaborating with our clients from start to finish and a commitment to outstanding service. From the complete interior design for homes and lofts to smaller customized projects, we welcome the challenge to take on projects of any size.