Tsunami is an eclectic fusion of timeless design and modern aesthetic. As the developer had the goal to wow guests throughout their experience at the restaurant and nightclub, Joe Ginsberg designed this space with thoughtful ingenuity and unique applications, creating a restaurant interior with an Eastern flair, capturing the feeling of the sea and air. Carved acid-etched, grand double wooden doors were created to greet guests at arrival, and lead them inside the warm environment filled with enriched hues.

Necessary for structure of the restaurant layout but unappealing to the eye, large rose pillars ere scattered throughout this raw open space. This industrial environment desperately needed to become warm and inviting. To achieve such an interior, Joe Ginsberg installed custom resin overhead lights that not only concealed the top of the pillars, but were an artistic interpretation of shooting stars amidst the night sky.

Joe Ginsberg developed custom furniture to encircle the pillars, ultimately leading to upholstering the pillars themselves to create comfortable and innovative seating. Reminiscent of ancient Oriental buildings, the selection of fabric truly spoke to Eastern culture. Custom hand-carved teak tables were then produced to accommodate the round pillar benches, transforming this construction dilemma into a functional and aesthetically pleasing restaurant interior.

The freestanding tables and chairs were hand-carved into forms that reflected traditional Eastern furniture. Joe Ginsberg wanted to bring oriental sensibility into a modern day setting, while coinciding with the food served at Tsunami. In contrast to the dark floors and furniture, Joe upholstered the tables and chairs with rich jewel-toned red and yellow fabric, cohesive to the warmth which radiated from the amber encaustic plaster walls.

Three cast raw limestone obelisk ribbed sinks were installed in the bathrooms, further embracing the "zen-fusion" of modern and old world influences within this restaurant interior design.



Joe Ginsberg is unique among restaurant designers offering the rare combination of artisan design aesthetic, craftsmanship, and the multi-disciplinary design-build skill which enables the firm to deliver hospitality projects that outlive the fads, are cost-effective and  ahead of schedule. Our design team is comprised of restaurant interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields.