The Paul Rudolph Landmark Estate is certainly one of the more noteworthy historic building renovation in Ginsberg’s portfolio. By updating the historical Paul Rudolph Estate with contemporary material applications, Joe Ginsberg was able to refresh the space while adhering to Rudolph’s initial design specifications.

Ginsberg was appointed this project for the sole purpose of upgrading the material applications by fulfilling the client’s desire for maintaining a modern living space and preserving the clean minimalism of the original design “ The various materials that we selected had to fit within the confines of the interior’s aesthetic by using today’s current material applications. We were able to revive this unique residence while complementing and maintaining the original design intent.”

As a result, the market value of the Landmark Estate’s not only increased exponentially, but, as the designer added, “We kept a piece of history alive. This renovation was the celebration of Rudolph’s vision – maintaining his legacy.”


Historic building preservation has evolved largely in today’s age. As an artisan, craftsman and multifaceted fabricator, Joe Ginsberg is known for his progressive, hand built nature in the renovation of historic interiors.  While new modern design is the trend today, we embrace renovation projects that preserve for the world of tomorrow. 

Joe Ginsberg is one of the few design firms that can create new up-to date materials and fabrications for historic landmarks and stay true to the original architectural and design intent of the building. Combining our exceptionally high standards of design - from design, development to hands-on fabrication, Joe Ginsberg is equipped to renovate spaces , deliver solutions and achieve results for projects of any scope for generations to come. 



Our design team is comprised of interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields. Together they bring their different perspectives to every project. Joe Ginsberg offers full design, restoration and fabrication services for interiors and exteriors, collaborating with our clients from start to finish and a commitment to outstanding service. From complete renovations to smaller customized projects, we welcome the challenge to take on projects of any size.