Cutting-edge interior design in the hospitality and commercial interior industry has evolved largely in today’s age. As an architectural interior designer, artisan, painter and multifaceted fabricator, Joe Ginsberg is known for conceiving hospitality leisure interiors in a progressive, hand built nature that is both organic and comforting.  While modern and minimalistic design is the trend today, we embrace all styles and look to infuse the artisanal hand into our bespoke and distinctive hospitality, residential and commercial interiors.

Joe Ginsberg is among the few hospitality and commercial interior design firms that can create warmth within a spa, restaurant or office environment by embracing art, fabrication and character that is innate in Joe Ginsberg’s professional background and design philosophy. Combining our standards of design - from concept and development to hands-on fabrication, we are equipped to deliver solutions and achieve results for projects of any scope, whether enhancing a spa, resort, hotel, retail environment or non-profit facility.


Joe Ginsberg has the expertise and high level of specialization in design services to enhance your professional work space, your brand identity and product. Whether you have the need for a complete interior design or an interior renovation, we are known to enhance, inspire and surpass expectations. As interior designers, we develop hospitality interiors, retail interiors, office interior design, reception areas, showroom design, healthcare institutions, or any other type of venue.


Our approach is unique among other interior designers, as we are hands-on through every step of design and construction. From complete spa design, hotel and restaurant design to commercial projects, Joe Ginsberg is on-site to ensure that materials and applications are achieved with the highest standards in sustainability, functionality and design integrity.