Joe Ginsberg is a New York based design-build firm specializing in custom fabrication, including all metals, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementitious material applications. Our company provides a wide range of services from architecture, interior design, construction, fabrication and all architectural details. Serving residential, corporate, hospitality and retail. Joe Ginsberg is hands-on with all fabrication projects, and leads his experienced team on each project with artisan craftmanship and design integrity, within budget requirements. Our commitment to outstanding service and architectural details can be found in our design, innovation, artisanship, engineering and material expertise.


Evocative, eccentric, eclectic; just some of the words used to describe the Gramercy Park Hotel. Joe Ginsberg’s proprietary limestone wall finishes and rose and jade bars, transform the ground floor lobby space with a brave new-world aesthetic and one-of-a-kind charm.

In concept, execution, and detail, the Gramercy Park Hotel is nothing short of extravagant, evoking a feel of Venice, Havana and Barcelona.

Within this space, we have created a dramatically sensual pallet rich in tone, yet understated and classic in feel and overall ambiance. The 18-foot-high crushed limestone pigmented walls achieve an authentic texture that exudes comfort and warmth, withstanding the test of time.

"It is not just a hotel, it's an experience. We have really captured the tone and spontaneity you would find in an artist's studio or home. It is quite simply, Bohemian. Very bohemian and edgy, our material applications and fabrication integrated seamlessly into this interior.”

• Proprietary polished limestone walls
• Jade bar
• industrial warm grey reception area
• Rose bar
• Jade elevator lobby and rest areas
• Sculpted luminous encaustic cove bar