The design of the 25th street lobby was achieved by using our unique techniques of material application and fabrications creating a modern residential lobby accommodating space and requirements. The material of record for the floor and concierge desk top was to be cast concrete. As a solution based design firm, Joe Ginsberg knew that working with pigmented concrete presented a design challenge. Although concrete tends to fall flat in aesthetic, Joe Ginsberg used his acid etching technique to give the concrete the depth of a watercolor.

Having extensive knowledge and insight of materials, Joe achieved a floor and concierge desk, vibrant with hues of warm chartreuse. Illuminated back-painted, silver leafed glass panels accented the hand-dyed mahogany wall panels, adding lightness and artisan appeal. A hand-made mahogany concierge desk base supports the cast concrete top, creating cohesion of materials that refines the minimalistic space.

Custom designed, acid-etched stainless steel elevator door encasements opened up to escort the residents from this exquisite modern space to their apartments.


Cutting-edge interior design in the commercial interior industry has evolved largely in today’s age. As an artisan, craftsman, painter and multifaceted fabricator, Joe Ginsberg is known for conceiving commercial space in a progressive, hand built nature that is both organic and comforting.  While modern and minimalistic design is the trend today, we embrace all styles and look to infuse the artisanal hand into our bespoke and distinctive commercial interiors.

Joe Ginsberg Design is one of the few commercial interior design firms that can create warmth within an educational facility or institution by embracing art, color and a playfulness that is innate in Joe Ginsberg’s professional background and design philosophy. Combining our exceptionally high standards of design - from concept and development to hands-on fabrication, we are equipped to deliver solutions and achieve results for projects of any scope, whether enhancing a commercial space, non-profit facility or retail environment. 



Our design team is comprised of commercial interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields. Together they bring their different perspectives to every project.