Inspired by industrial zen, Joe Ginsberg used an assortment of materials, such as authentic Venetian plaster, seamless limestone and rich exotic woods to conjure in a modern way, the elegance of ancient Italy. “Having the opportunity to work on an unfinished loft – allowed a level of experimentation I don’t always have with every project. The homeowners were very open to letting me follow my creative intuitions. My aim was to create a warm environment with certain industrial influences, paying homage to the contemporary feel of the space, while maintaining a sense of timeless beauty.”

Faced with some challenges throughout the project, Joe Ginsberg came up with solutions that were aesthetically pleasing as they were creatively effective. In response to an inner hallway that lacked natural light, Joe handcrafted over-sized translucent steel-encased resin doors that emanated a warm amber glow and lit lantern effect through the corridors. Needing to utilize space within the loft, Joe fabricated a two-tiered floating office alongside a custom totem-style bookcase with a engineered rolling ladder to reach the uppermost shelves while allowing access to the office.

“I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do: we created an illustrious, warm and inviting space featuring custom furnishings and material applications created with the client in mind. We also sourced antique furnishings and vintage elements to create an eclectic vibe. Combining the past with the present gives this loft a real sense of originality, creating a home for a young family with small children.”


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