Joe Ginsberg is a New York based design-build firm specializing in custom fabrication, including all metals, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementitious material applications. Our company provides a wide range of services from architecture, interior design, construction, fabrication and all architectural details. Serving residential, corporate, hospitality and retail. Joe Ginsberg is hands-on with all fabrication projects, and leads his experienced team on each project with artisan craftmanship and design integrity, within budget requirements. Our commitment to outstanding service and architectural details can be found in our design, innovation, artisanship, engineering and material expertise.


We are constantly developing new materials and techniques to add to our design and fabrication portfolio. We strive to create the next innovation in metal, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementitious materials, adding value to our firms design vision. Joe Ginsberg creates contemporary interiors that will outlive the trends and stand the test of time through old world fabrication techniques. 


With our expertise in design, materials and fabrication, our studio is an all-encompassing design-build firm for private clients, hotel groups, developers and the architectural community. With our vast experience in fabrication, we value engineer all our design projects, creating a streamlined process whereby we control quality, budget and scheduling. As a design–build firm we are cost-effective for our clients, providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in design.



Our custom design-build Fabrication Studios are all located in the New York area, Including a glass-blowing/casting studio, as well a metal and millwork facilities, facilitating projects of any scope with ease and streamlining large production runs.  


We are also equipped to coordinate the design and construction phases of any project, often significantly speeding up a project, while reducing risk. With a professional team of interior designers, architects, artisans, graphic designers, project managers and installers, we approach every project with craftsmanship and design sensibility, with close attention to budget and scheduling requirements.