Visionary, bold and bespoke are words often used to describe the talent and hand of Joe Ginsberg. For years, Joe Ginsberg Interior design has been creating "style forward", art infused modern interiors.  Known for his imaginative use of custom developed proprietary mixes, Joe Ginsberg designs every inch of space in his projects, inside and out for his clients. From unique fixtures to distinctive hardware and modern home furniture, his expertise of material application and custom fabrication is what truly sets him apart.

Today, his modern interior designs pay homage to the artist’s hand and timeless old world techniques. Joe Ginsberg’s luxurious modern interiors, are inspired by his client’s, art and shapes found in nature.  Dynamic curvaceous forms exude movement and take on a life of their own, while other modern interiors are influenced by the urban landscape and take on more linear shapes.

Joe Ginsberg’s unique ability to push the boundaries of design into the realm of modern art is one of a kind. An impressive custom fireplace and chandelier are only a few examples of his unique creations for this current project. Ginsberg’s vision is to create modern interior design that suits his client’s lifestyle but also adds artisanal applications, fabrications and custom furniture, creating a truly " unique" interior.


Joe Ginsberg Design, unique among top modern interior design firms, offers the rare combination of high-end design aesthetic, artisan fabrication, and curated well-appointed art.

He understands that for modern residential designers, the challenge is to create the unexpected that invites instead of intimidates. Working closely with his clients, He will bring a functional, comfortable, warm and unique vision of home into a reality that not just satisfies - it exceeds.




Our design team is comprised of interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields. Together they bring their different perspectives to every project. Joe Ginsberg offers full design and fabrication services, collaborating with our clients from start to finish and a commitment to outstanding service.