Featuring an eye-catching portfolio of  modern and traditional architectural interiors, Joe Ginsberg incorporated a myriad of custom designs, fabrications to achieve residential, commercial and hospitality design that is innovative, functions  and will outlast the fads. Joe Ginsberg understands his client's larger objectives and provides a design that will help them to realize their grand vision, which goes far beyond an interior or building.  

Joe Ginsberg’s design philosophy is driven by form, light and the flow of space. Sensitive to his client’s personal comforts and requests, we aim to enhance, inspire and surpass expectations. It is not just any interior design we are working on; it is complimenting your unique brand, company or lifestyle. 

Joe Ginsberg and his team, composed of architects, interior designers, material specialists and artisans, will seamlessly execute, coordinate, design and fabricate your design project . 

The relationships that Joe Ginsberg has established with resources in the design industry span from artisans, custom mills and industrial fabricators to unique global furnishings and local manufacturers. Joe takes pride in offering all-inclusive design services and selecting the very best, on budget, for your design project.


As a versatile boutique design firm in the center of New York City, boundless opportunities often arise for your complete interior project, from furniture design to the creation of custom Art commissions. Joe Ginsberg has the unique ability to develop innovative and creative solutions that are comfortably tailored to your brand, company or home.

Value, function, solution, elegance, and timeless sophistication is what we are known for throughout the design world.



Our design team is comprised of hospitality and residential interior designers, architects, project managers and collaborating artisans, all expert in their fields. Together they bring their different perspectives to every project. Joe Ginsberg offers full design, renovation and fabrication services, collaborating with our clients from start to finish and a commitment to outstanding service.