Located in the heart of New York City, Joe Ginsberg’s award winning design-build firm  is well known for an extensive number of projects, from luxurious private residences, elegant nightclubs, restaurant development and a boutique hotel. Joe Ginsberg’s refined signature design stems from a unique artisan sensibility creating environments that are aesthetically unique and that equally speak to the senses through the use of distinctive custom made materials and artisan craftsmanship.

For the past 27 years, Joe Ginsberg has completed a diverse range of architectural interior design projects, with a unique specialization in the development of custom materials, fabrication and distinctive architectural applications. Each project carries the heart of an artisan designer which can be felt when you enter his interiors. As an architectural design-build firm, Joe Ginsberg seamlessly fuses architecture and interior design with fabrication, while guiding his clients through the development, making the process a close collaboration.